Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hexlove, Dolphins Into the Future and Lotus Plaza

Pija Z Bogiem
(2009, Dreamsheep)
RIYL = Kemialliset Ystavat, Akron/Family, Excepter

I’ve been meaning to get around to a Hexlove release for some time now. Hexlove is the artistic guise of Mr. Zac Nelson and after listening to his work as the drummer of Who’s Your Favorite Son God, I was sure that anything else this guy put to tape, whatever it was, would be a awesome. My introduction through Pija Z Bogiem proved my assumptions to be true – pure awesomeness. Pure madness. Purely ridiculous madness and awesomeness to the fifth dimension. Impure mad prog-awesome radiculousness to the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. I should have known by the fact that this was a double discer that Pija Z Bogiem (what?) would be more than overflowing with ideas. Nelson is simply bursting at the seams here with the bizarro creativity of a mad genius from some alternate reality of proggy freak folk wonderment. Where to even begin? Maybe no where at all. It’s just goodness – lengthy tribal jam sessions that twist and expand, expatriate pop songs sunk into a blender and reconfigured with Scotch tape, swine flu hallucinations (trust me on this one) – too much to distill into a single idea. Love.

Dolphins Into the Future
…On Sea-Faring Isolation
(2009, Not Not Fun)
RIYL = Ducktails, Peaking Lights, Oneohtrix Point Never

I’m pathetic. I’ve been scanning through the reviews that I’ve posted recently and near everyone claims to be one of the very favourite records of the year and while I’ve enjoyed everyone of them, they can’t all be my favourite, right? Well, while …On Sea-Faring Isolation isn’t my favourite record of the year, but I do enjoy it quite a bit and on a more trivial note, Dolphins Into the Future is definitely my new favourite band name. I used to favor Birchville Cat Motel in this category, but since Campbell Kneale decided to retire that pseudonym Dolphins Into the Future has stolen the spotlight. I’m glad they did to, because that is pretty much the only reason I started listening to this LP. Jump aboard ‘cuz these spacey, slippery ,droney dolphin tunes that are just perfect for relaxing on a beach chair with a tropical drink of your choice. Delish.

Lotus Plaza
The Floodlight Collective
(2009, Kranky)
RIYL = Deerhunter, Atlas Sound

You should already know about this album by now. Lotus Plaza is Lockett Pundt, who is apparently alternate creative strain of Deerhunter to Mr. Bradford Cox. The Floodlight Collective is shimmery, hazy pop of the finest quality. Think Deerhunter if everything were smeared and blissed out just a little bit more. Really, just a lovely pop record with heavy ambient strings ala My Bloody Valentine with a little bit more sun. Again, you should already know about Lotus Plaza and The Floodlight Collective by now and love it profusely.

"Whiteout" from The Floodlight Collective


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dupacycki said...

'pija z Bogiem' means: (who) drinks with God. and it's from polish.