Friday, March 27, 2009

Millipede - Sand & Surf

Sand & Surf
(2009, Install)
RIYL = Yellow Swans, Geoff Mullen, Mouthus

For anyone who found the super incredible Death Mountain (the Millipede full length released earlier this year) a little too brief, Millipede and his cohorts at the Install label have teamed up once again to provide us with a little supplemental listening. Sand & Surf is not really directly related to Death Mountain, but it is still pure Millipede, which translates to earth shattering feedback via guitars and pedals. Sand & Surf is being toted as a digital 7”, so things are still pretty brief; however, the four songs here are al up to snuff with Millipede’s previous work. In fact, amongst these four mosaics of tone destruction, Millipede sound tip toes into some new area with the non-destructive prettiness of “Sand,” offering a short respite from the gluttonous malingering of its sandwiching tracks. All and all, there isn’t a lot to say that hasn’t already been said about Millipede’s previous releases here on FG. And we are still awaiting the release of a new full length that is in the works and should also be due out later this year. Millipede is keeping himself busy, that’s for sure. Oh wait, I almost forgot. Millipede and Install are giving this gorgeous “seven inch” away for free. Check the link below, enjoy and destroy!

- Lil' Thistle

Millipede - Sand & Surf


Justin Snow said...

AS fantastic as this is, I wasn't as into it as his other stuff.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.