Monday, March 16, 2009

Long Legged Woman - Nobody Knows This Is Nowhere

Long Legged Woman
Nobody Knows This is Nowhere
(01.2009, Pollen Season)
RIYL = The Hospitals, The Hunches, Thee Oh Sees, "the(e) rock n’ roll”

Hello Long Legged Woman! You are currently entering a pretty crowded market of like-minded noise rockers, but there is something about you that I really like. But hey, you know what? I don’t really want to start this off so I’m going to pass to my crew American noise rock crew, starting with Randy first:

Randy: Yo dog. You know what I like about this LP? The rock n’ roll swagger baby. Y’all gots enough swagger to bust the chops of the rest of these lo-fi pop princesses out here that are trying to be all cutsy while simultaneously turning it to eleven. I’m not feelin' that kind of pop noise crap, but you guys, you guys definitely got that rock n’ roll sound that I can really dig. I think we are going to be seeing you around for some time man.

The New Girl: Yeah, what Randy said.

Paula: Whjafh9 awfn9afn4u9, afbun9an, ajsefsdfjkh askjhsfwu ahw9fhaw alkwjfhe. 43qf43f9h!HH!!!!!!!!!!!n alof34nf 4n3fqn8 fnq993q8. anf3an38984h afn489 anfwuifwniuesweet spiritQNFUUN$U!!!!!

Simon: You know what Paula? For once I think I can agree with you. Nobody Knows This is Nowhere, is just a blitzkrieg of thick, noisy garage rock that reminds me a lot of some of our previous favourites like The Hospitals last year but with a bit more of a sleazy rock edge. Those arrangements are awful good and simply littered with the analog crunch that a lot of similar bands are just a bit weak on. Honestly, I think you all got the perfect amount. You really muscle through that feedback without tipping into the wussier white noise that is so common. Good stuff.

Well there you have it. Long Legged Women is have wowed the judges. It is only a matter of time before this limited edition LP is out of stock so you'd better log on to Pollen Season’s website a grab Nobody Knows This is Nowhere now!

-Lil' Thistle


Justin Snow said...

lol that review was great

Mr Honesty (JDC) said...

Makes me yearn for fingernails scratching a chalkboard. Seriously Mr Thistle - go get some Barney albums for Jr Atlas. Long Legged Woman needs to be kept far, far away from his delicate sensibilities. Yuck.