Monday, November 3, 2008

Dylan Champagne - New Equation

Dylan Champagne
New Equation
(04.2008, Self Released?)
Verdict: Pleasant with a few exceptional stand-outs

Dylan Champagne is starting to get some pretty attention for his album New Equation. It has taken a while for this coverage to come about, sort of like it has taken me a long time to finally getting around to writing this review. The problem isn't that the album isn't good. It is definitely good, but something about it keeps it washed a little below the surface so it never really becomes great. When I listen to his singer/songwriter tunes I find them very enjoyable and relaxed, definitely worth listening too, but there is nothing in them that keep me coming back. They don't get stuck in your head or make you want to repeat them. They aren't very catchy, but that isn't always a bad thing. I just really can't out my finger on what makes these songs slip into the background, but that is what happens. You listen to the album and love it, and then you forget that it exists until it comes back on your shuffle and then you think "who is this again?" and when you see you love it again until the song is over. It really is a solid pleasant album, and if you own it you probably really enjoy it. Champagne's vocals have the deadened monotone and pitch of Why?'s Yoni Wolf. The songs have well written melodies, but overall the instrumentation is too sparse and lacking anything to really set them apart from slow songs that any kid writes in his/her bedroom when he/she is bored.


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