Tuesday, November 4, 2008

caUSE co-MOTION - It's Time! Singles and EPs 2005-2008

It's Time! Singles and Eps 2005-2008
(10.2008 Slumberland)
Verdict: Rock n' Roll fun for the whole family!

Sassigrass is pretty pumped for 2008 to end. Her hope is that with the change a new year brings, we will all get over poorly recorded pop music. While I do fear young white America's new found infatuation with gutter scraping recording techniques being applied to pop tunes may result in a boat load of bands who can't actually write songs getting undeserved attention, I will gladly sift through their lack luster offerings if I keep finding stuff as delicious as caUSE Co-Motion!'s new singles and ep's collection It's Time! Now before I rant on about how radtastic this album is please let me preface that I'm not a total lo-fi pop whore. I find Eat Skull to be pretty crappy and Sick Alps getting more cred than they deserve. But that preface aside, I'm still a sucker for a bit of clang and clatter in the production of my pop fused rock n' roll. And caUSE Co-MOTION! is total rock n' roll! While most reviews I've check out for this album reference 80's band after 80's band, I find myself wanting to grease my hair, put on a leather jacket and groove the night away with my poodle skirt clad baby (if I had one). These tunes are just as influenced by Jackie Brenston as there are by the 80's post punk underground. These tunes are super hopin', catchy as anything you could hope for, and most of all fun. It's the type of album I can listen to on repeat as I boogie the night away, and at an album length of just over 20 minutes there will have to be a great deal of repeating going on.

-Wooly Mammal

caUSE co-MOTION - "Who's Gonna Care"

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