Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kurt Weisman - Spiritual Sci-fi

Kurt Weisman
Spiritual Sci-fi
(01.2008, Important)
Verdict = Futuristic weirdo pop is so so good

Listening to Kurt Weisman’s Spiritual Sci-fi is an otherworldly experience. Clustered with both madness and beauty, I think you’d be hard pressed to find anything as odd and affecting as this album. I pushed the album onto Wooly Mammal a couple days ago and last night, after what I assumed was his first listen to the album, I got this random text message(way after “lights out” time around these parts) that read “Spiritual Sci-fi oh my heck!” I am not quite sure exactly what the text meant, but I am assuming that since Wooly was willing to break some of his personal cuss boundaries by using the word ‘heck’ that he was fairly impressed. Full of chirping, whirling, humming electronics, listening to Spiritual Sci-fi feels a lot like what it must be like to wander through an open air insect house from Mars. However, this ain’t no noise record, though it is pretty difficult to really say what this record is for sure. Underneath the aural mess that Kurt launders about the album’s eight tracks are some of the most affecting songs I’ve heard in recent memory. With melodic turns that will bring you to your knees and a beyond-falsetto voice that seems to embody the wide-eyed inner child that makes life worth living, it is no wonder that Weisman is so successful. Literally, album centerpiece and namesake “Spiritual Sci-fi” contains some of the most beautiful musical moments that I have ever heard. It is really breathtaking. There is just something really personal about the album. The fact that Weisman spent ten years toiling away at the thing is telling of meticulous nature of every little pop and whistle scattered across the album. An absolute essential of this or any year.

-Mr. Thistle

Kurt Weisman - Spiritual Sci-fi

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