Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jacaszek - Treny

(05.2008, Miasmah)
Verdict = A gorgeous downer

It is amazing how many incredibly young composers are stepping up to the plate and crushing us with absolutely amazing albums. Jacaszek (AKA Michael Jacaszek) being among the top tier of the elite up-and-coming movement of modern classical composers has created an array of famished classical pieces of music barbed with glitchy electronic embellishments. Jacaszek places almost as much emphasis on spotless production as he does on peerlessly gloomy composition. The impact of the music is so visceral and subtly intense it feels like a living breathing entity; like the breathless arrival to the cave of a beast in slumber. The album comes off as a kind of star eyed cross between Max Richter and Greg Haines, fitting snuggly into the Miasmah aesthetic. In the argument of beauty between minor an major keys I think I am still apt to side with the uplifting to the depressing, however, Treny isn’t anything if not completely gorgeous. It’s the kind of eerie, entrancing beauty that is so frighteningly enticing that you can’t resist wallowing. Jacaszek encourages the ghostly eeriness of his works by employing floating choral motifs that drift around like lost angels throughout the album. Is it ok if I mention the breathtaking nature of the album again? The music seems to literally invade all of your senses until even your breath aligns itself with the flow of the music. The whole affair is pretty somber, fortunately Jacaszek provided a more blissful, up-reaching closer ending the whole affair on a high note. Right along side Peter Broderick in the stakes for most beautiful classical things to be released this year. Grab a copy of Treny along with some $100+ headphones and you’ll be glad you did.

-Mr. Thistle


Dave Sandell said...

I'm in love with this album and don't have much exposure to artists like this. Can you offer recommendations for other artists I might enjoy?

Mr. Thistle said...

try Deaf Center, Max Richter, Johann Johannsson, Porn Sword Tobacco...