Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Campbell Kneale

It's no big secret that I've been off my game for some time. And I'm okay with that, up to a point. However, when I realize that not only has New Zealand noise god Campbell Kneale resurrected his Birchville Cat Motel moniker (thanks AGB!), but, combined with Our Love Will Destroy the World, has put out at least 5 or 6 albums this year alone, I'm embarrassed. And thrilled. If I'm remaking my 2015 mid-year music list and limiting myself to, like, ten albums, probably half of them are Campbell Kneale's. That's how good these are sounding in my headphones. I'm giddy to be sorting through these for the next little while. And you should be too:

etc. etc. etc.

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