Friday, August 24, 2012

Chris Rehm - (i found an) Elephant Ring (and gave it to you)

If Phil Elverum were still young, and a Microphone, and were he actually Sean McCann, he would be Chris Rehm.  And Chris Rehm is himself, so that's unnecessary; anyway, (i found an) Elephant Ring (and gave it to you) is everything dream pop was working towards, but could never, not quite, or at least that's what I'd hoped Benoit Pioulard might've pulled off (but didn't), then Rehm came along, and's been making the records I've always wanted to listen to.  Pure gorgeousness.  And belonging much higher than where I placed it, on this list.

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Jessica said...

I've listened to these 8 tracks through like 5 times now. It's incredible. I've gotta write something about this or something. WHAT IS THIS FEELING!? :)