Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pumice - Puny

(Soft Abuse, 2012)

1) Pum-ice [puhm-is] noun, verb, -iced, -ic-ing.


  1. also called pumice stone; a porous or spongy form of volcanic glass, used as an abrasive.
  2. also called Stefan Neville; native New Zealander with a penchant for volcanic, glassy, often abrasive pop, amongst other sounds.  Distinguished by idiosyncratic charm and weirdness, languorously arranged wonderment, and a distinctive sonic palate happily hampered by a casual variety of miscued and failing audio equipment.
verb (used with object)
  1. to rub, smooth , clean, etc., with pumice.
  2. to listen to any given song recorded with Stefan Neville fingers; to be enraptured. 

2) Pu-ny [pyoo-nee] adjective, noun, -i-er, -i-est.

  1. of less than normal size and strength; weak.
  2. unimportant; insignificant; petty or minor:  a puny excuse.
  1. all-important 2012 album written and recorded by Pumice, aka Stefan Neville; characterized by signature Pumice-heavy sonority and album-length lean towards the pastoral.  Noted for (1) co-opting abrasive weakness for purposes of volcanic artistry and punitive strength, for (2) morose pumice-esque meanderings devolving into a paradoxically happy-gloominess, and for (3) attending to salvation-heavy methods of quasi-devotionalism with regard to "saving music" and "proving godlike artistry can still be accomplished"; magnum opus.

See also: Pumice "Hey Crap Crab"

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