Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Red Horse - Red Horse

(Type Records, 2011)

There are moments when, simply through the act of hearing a specific thing for the first time, one can initiate and monitor an acute sense particle realignment wherein one's brain matter is reconfigured in order to process experiences similar to the following experiences:

sound alignments arranged as starving, carnivorous animals
sounds with the propensity to drink up all the earth's oceans, lakes and seas
sounds backbroken to goad electricity, out of sympathy, improperly through a listener's heart and lungs

And the opportunity isn't often.  Comes around maybe once or twice a year, maybe.  Last year it was Subtle Lip Can and New Slaves by Zs.   Peter Kolovos's New Bodies in 2009.  The kind of music you have to put quotes around ("music").  Intelligent, dynamic sound routed through punk viscera.  Growly, animalistic, oddly patient though not without its tongue hanging out, dripping saliva.  Devouring-type music.  Red Horse creates something like that.


Red Horse - Red Horse by _type

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