Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sightings - Future Accidents

(Our Mouth, 2011)

You’d have to do some heavy make-believing to pretend that Sightings have ever worried much about song structure. Sure they’ve applied it on occasion, but never worried about it. So, to say that they have abandoned any concerns with structure on Future Accidents is a bit of a stretch.

And yet here I am saying just that (what all the kids are saying): Sightings found pitching themselves headfirst into structurelessness on Future Accidents.

Though, even stretched between four tracks, Sightings are just as powerful, punchy and acidic as they’ve ever been. In fact, it’s a pleasure to finally have another slab of concrete noise to spill into. Seems like everything’s been poppy and pretty around FG for a while.

A nice left turn (even if City of Straw is still my favourite Sightings records).

Here's "The Knotted House", the shortest of the four:

Sightings - "The Knotted House"

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