Thursday, March 11, 2010

Balaclavas - Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday
(2010, Dull Knife)
RIYL = Clipd Beaks, Health, Liars

Balaclavas is a rock band. Balaclavas have a new debut LP called Roman Holiday. Roman Holiday rocks. Roman Holiday is drums. Roman Holiday is guitars. The guitars on Roman Holiday spew shrapnel, rusty piercing shrapnel. Balaclavas is three people from Houston and Roman Holiday is their post punk/noise rock n’ roll machine; their debut full length LP. Roman Holiday is not a shiny machine. Roman Holiday is oily, percussive. Balaclavas percussion is propulsive, an engine. Balaclavas use engine drums and shrapnel guitars for purposes of audio terrorism. Balaclavas is rhythm; bass. Roman Holiday is bass, is mud. Remember Clipd Beaks? Remember how you love To Realize? You now also love Roman Holiday. Vocals. Balaclavas sing. On Roman Holiday, Balaclavas must’ve recorded their singing in some adjacent room. Good. Roman Holiday is loud. Edit: Roman Holiday is best when played very loud. The cover of Roman Holiday is a picture of those who wish to oppose Balaclavas. Those who oppose Balaclavas end up bloodied, disembodied, hanging on steps. Don’t oppose Balaclavas. Invite them in. They will protect you, make a beast out of you. Roman Holiday is beautiful, noisy, blessed, measured, solid, very good. Balaclavas is also the plural word for a warm woolen hood covering the head and neck. Don’t get confused.


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Craw-not-the-lord said...

Bless FG and Bless eMusic for having this. Sounds a lot like the Pop Group. Rad.

Tome to the Weather Machine said...

This is the best review I have ever read. Your doin it rite.