Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Giuseppe Ielasi - (Another) Stunt

Giuseppe Ielasi
(Another) Stunt
(2009, Schoolmap)
RIYL = Four Tet, Mark Templeton, Morgan Packard

Giuseppe Ielasi has already put a big dent into 2009 with his gloriously minimal full length, Aix. Now, with a follow up EP to last year’s Stunt (which I’ve never listened to), Ielasi has spun another little yarn of diamond encrusted gold with, ahem, (Another) Stunt. Following the same line of thinking that made Aix so great, Ielasi furthers his off-kilter, erratic glitch in six magnificent pieces that perfectly compliment Aix while adding some new ideas with each piece. On the first track of (Another) Stunt, Ielasi patches together a punchy array of bleeps and blips over the top of spoken word vocal recording. The odd juxtaposition works well in furthering Ieslasi’s vision of discordant madness ala looped electronics. The compositions on (Another) Stunt are a bit thicker and perhaps a little bit more abrasive than Aix, but there is still the feeling of machinery laid bare like bones without skin. There is still this cold minimalism that feels so tangible. I’m really loving this a lot. It may only be six pop-sized tracks, but this is just as relevant as Aix and certainly just as immediate and compelling. On (Another) Stunt, Ielasi is onto something super terrific and deserving of a lot more attention than it is presently getting.


(Another) Stunt streamed on Boomkat

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