Monday, May 11, 2009

Burial + Four Tet - Moth / Wolf Cub 12"

Burial + Four Tet
Moth/Wolf Cub 12”
(05.2009, Text Records)
RIYL = Burial and Four Tet, Pantha du Prince

Wow. I don’t know how this was organized, but it is quite obvious already that the teaming of Burial and Four Tet was the dream split that every fan of electronic music subconsciously felt would be awarded them after being successfully admitted through the pearly gates of heaven. In terms of electronic music it doesn’t get much better than either Four Tet or Burial and in terms of 2009 it isn’t going to get much better than this split 12”. And I make that statement fully aware of the Pantha du Prince 12” and full length from The Field that is looming on the horizon. I’ve listened to them all and this, this record I am gushing over recklessly is the emergent winner of the trio (The Field and Pantha du Prince are still swell). The LP is just two tracks, “Moth” and “Wolf Cub,” and the glorious mystery behind this wax is that no one knows who contributed what track or if both are the result of a collaboration or what. Initially, I totally thought that “Moth” was Burial’s (with its submerged vocals and muted rhythms) and “Wolf Cub” was Four Tet’s (with it’s watery electronic trickle-loop and its layer percussion), but the more I listen the more I am lost as to who has done what where. As far as I am concerned, the “+” in the artist signification means that each of these tracks were molded with both minds and that the 12” is the work of the two as a single entity. Hopefully, this is just the appetizer, because I cannot get enough of this stuff. The real beauty of it is the simplicity. The effortlessness in which two perfect slabs of micro electronics were crafted as if they were the blue print for everything that proceeded them and just needed time to be thawed out. Intensely perfect and a top contender for the year. I’m not some electro-head, but there is no doubt that if this were expanded into a full length that it would be the strongest contender thus for album of the year in 2009.

- Thistle

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