Friday, April 3, 2009

Babe, Terror - Weekend

Babe, Terror
(04.2009, Perdizes Dream)
RIYL = Excepter, Panda Bear, Julianna Barwick

Oh Babe, Terror, you dog you! As the premiere release of Brazilian label, Perizes Dream, Babe, Terror’s Weekend sets a high standard. The record is a dream space created almost solely through manipulated vocal loops, lovingly layered into a soft oblivion. It’s a fairly simplistic idea, but one that proves blissfully successful in the hands of Babe, Terror. Most of the vocalizations here are wordless and carry a sort of waterlogged ghostliness. It feels like the male counter part to Juliana Barwick (with some increased hallucinogenics). I just recently read Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo for my international literature class, and something about Weekend feels like the fitting soundtrack to that narrative, filled with poetic surrealist voices from a deserted town whose inhabitants are stuck in an infinite purgatory. Kind of an obscure reference, but it you pick up this album you should read that book and vice versa. It also reminds me a lot of the dream imagery captured by illustrator David B. Anyway, I’ll move on. Weekend’s working parts, its songs, are paced ventures into the subconscious, tapping into a weird half-world that is disorienting and yet grounded by a stream of effervescent loveliness. It is the kind of thing that an ignorant, untravelled American, such as myself, imagines is soundtracking the exotic jungles and cities of Babe, Terror’s home in South America. It’s night music for humid climates, or perhaps dream music is more appropriate. Either way, Weekend is an exciting document of experimental music that you should definitely check out. And why not, he's spotted you a link on his MySpace page. Check the link below dudez!

-Lil' Thistle

Babe, Terror on MySpace

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