Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zu - Carboniferous

(02.2009, Ipecac)
RIYL: awesome

Zu is epic. They have collaborated with everyone you know, played over 1,000 shows all over the world, and just released their 14th album to glorious applause. The world of critical review mostly refers to them as avante jazz, though I have also seen them labeled as math rock, metal, punk, free noise, and just about any other descriptor, but I just label them as the tightest mess you have ever heard. Seriously, go get this album right now and let your brain just explode inside of your skull. This time around Zu teamed up with the ever collaborating Ipecac label owner, Mike Patton, and The Melvin's King Buzzo. Personally I like Zu instrumental style and think that Patton's eerie vocals are the only downfall of Carboniferous. The instrumentation is as brutal and as epic as music can be. Seriously, these Italians are doing it right! That's all I have to say, go directly home and annihilate your eardrums with Carboniferous. Just keep your arms inside the ride at all times and when your parents come screaming and knocking down your door don't tell them that I told you to buy it.



Ryan Hall said...

I feel like this kid after listening to Zu.

Father of the Sass said...

This reminds me of John Denver. So soothing and peaceful, like the Rocky Mountains. Yeah.....if the Rocky Mountains were dropped from a Boeing 747 directly on top of my head and my brains gushed out. Just one more album that grandpa doesn't want Atlas to listen to. Seriously, send the poor kid over here and we'll get out some old ABBA albums. Mama Mia, did this one ever make me want to eat wallpaper! Whooie!