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More FG 2007 Favorites

Here are a few favorites from 2007 as we now completely wrap the year up and move into 2008, which should prove another amazing year for music. We will be back posting regularly next week with a few changes including a new rating system or lack thereof. Happy New Year and thank you for reading!

Favorite Tracks of 07'

Beirut – "Elephant Gun"
Sunset Rubdown – "For The Pier (And Dead Shimmering)"
Yeasayer – "2080"
Shining – "Psalm"
Fiery Furnaces – "Navy Nurse"
Grouper – "Heart Current"
Gowns – "Cherylee"
Woods – "Be Still"
LCD Soundsystem – "Someone Great"
Dungen – "Intro"
Aesop Rock – "None Shall Pass"
Clipd Beaks – "Black Glass"
M.I.A. – "Paper Planes"
Animal Collective – "Safer"
Shugo Tokumaru – "Green Rain"
Blues Control – "Blues Control"
Bon Iver – "Skinny Love"
Wooden Wand – "Spitting at the Camera"
Deerhoof – "Cast Off Crown"
Battles - "Tonto"
Caribou - "Irene"
Animal Collective - "Winter Wonder Land"
David Vandervelde - "Black Eyed Susan"
Liars - "Plaster Casts of Everything"
Of Montreal - "A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger"
Luke Temple - "People Do"
The National - "Fake Empires"
Dirty Projectors - "Rise Above"
Iron & Wine - "House By The Sea"

Favorite Live Shows in Salt Lake City in 2007

Coyote Hoods
Slowtrain – 2.16.2007
My first encounter with the band on a 3rd South Gallery Stroll sounded like a mustier, jazzier. classier National. I have been watching out for a Coyote Hoods debut ever since. Guys, if you are reading this, the world needs a Coyote Hoods album.

and TV on the Radio – In the Venue – 3.20.2007
Subtle are absolutely unbeatable live. More energy than a pack of rage infected monkeys scrambling inside a 4’X4’ Plexiglas box. The second time I have seen Doseone and crew and definitely not the last. TV on the Radio may not have had the energy, but they definitely carried a wave of inscrutably wonderful sound that more than accounted for the buzz around Return to Cookie Mountain.

Lightning Bolt
Kilby Court – 4.4.2007
I have been waiting to see Lightning Bolt live since discovering the perfection of Wonderful Rainbow and viewing The Power of Salad. For all the hype it is amazing that Lightning Bolt exceeded my astronomical expectations. The hype is for real, Lightning Bolt is legendary!

Sunset Rubdown
and Xiu Xiu – Urban Lounge – 4.17.2007
This is Sunset Rubdown as I have known them before my love affair with Random Spirit Lover and should have been an indicator of what was to come. An powerful set from Spencer Krug and Troupe. And Xiu Xiu, I’ll preface this with the recognition that I haven’t been too into their recorded output – good, but not my favourite – however, Xiu Xiu live is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. My Third time around with the now trio and definitely not the last. Equal to Subtle in the category of my favourite live acts who I will never miss the chance to see.

Animal Collective
– In the Venue – 5.22.2007
A complete u-turn from what I had viewed when seeing them a couple years ago, a friend derided the event by describing it as a Native American tribal rave. I would be inclined to agree but would use the description as a complement. Incredible set of both new and old AC with participating members on operating almost completely electronically, benefiting heavily from Panda Bears new fascination with loops.

Marnie Stern
– Urban Lounge – 6.25.2007
This show was a jawdropper to most in attendance. Insane guitar work from Stern and her cohort and nuts drumming from Zach of Hella. This show was so so good!

Tenants of Balthazaar’s Castle
– Red Light Books – 7.14.2007
I have seen few experimental, noise-type sets in my short life, but this set by Tenants of Balthazaar’s Castle was certainly the cat’s meow compared to the seemingly kitten work by the rest of the bands that I saw on this night.

– Urban Lounge - 10.24.2007
Rocking dueling drum kits a (broken) projector and some blessed out 60’s era tunes, Caribou turned The Urban Lounge into an entrancing, laptop-infected time machine. All the tracks from the new full length translated terrifically with their rougher live edge. A superb set spanning into the wee morning hours.

Dirty Projectors
Kilby Court – 9.5.2007
I had seen The Dirty Projectors a couple years back when I seemed to be the only one in attendance and was unfortunately not too impressed. Now, a lineup change and new record later, The Dirty Projectors are unstoppable. Disjointed harmonies, tremulous drumming and off-kilter guitar work turned this into one of my very favourite shows of the year.

LCD Soundsystem
– Thanksgiving Point – 9.26.2007
I was lukewarm on Sound of Silver before this show and have had to reassess the record since. LCD Soundsystem absolutely killed it at Thanksgiving Point and totally showed up Arcade Fire. Classiest set and probably the largest show I saw all year.

Black Mountain
, Cave SingersKilby Court – 9.28.2007
With two legendary sets, this had to be the best show to grace Kilby Court in 2007. Cave Singers produced a euphoric musty green atmosphere with their backwater folk meshing perfectly with the lit green plastic backdrop that Kilby provides. The breath taking set held probably the most quietly entranced crowd of any on the list. Following the soft serve of Cave Singers, Black Mountain trounced a packed garage (that’s what Kilby is, right?) full of spectators as probably the only band that could honestly employ a smoke machine without sneering sarcasm. Stacking Guitar Hero-esque guitar muggery along with a keyboard/drum cacophony, Black Mountain win the award for best rock set of 2007.

– In the Venue - 10.6.2007
My first Deerhoof show after a long courtship, similar to Lightning Bolt, this show did not disappoint. The night saw Greg Saunier prove himself as possibly my favourite drummer of all time (which is a considerable feet when I had previously seen both Brian Chippendale [Lightning Bolt] and Zach Hill [Hella, w/ Marnie Stern] live earlier in the year). Crazy indie noise and The Future of the Ghost’s CD release party to boot.

Aye Aye
Nobrow, Slowtrain, Kilby – 2007
If there was one musician that constantly killed it through 2007 that musician was Aye Aye. Starting with an early set that we caught at Nobrow in January through shows at Slowtrain, Kilby and, ahem, Nobrow throughout the rest of the year, Aye Aye’s experimental blues was the most consistently varied and satisfying. The nod is just in time for an upcoming CD release show set for January 19th at Slowtrain. Unmissable and definitely the most anticipated local release of 2008.

Favorite Music Blogs

All of the blogs linked on our page to your left are incredible blogs. I don't link just anything! I suggest you stroll through all of them. That being said, here are our favorites for the year 2007.

Raven Sings the Blues – Aside from often informing the content of Forest Gospel, Raven Sings the Blues is always ahead of the game on finding and promoting incredible bands before anyone else, beating us to the punch on almost every occasion. Incredible, full MP3s and great music, this is my most viewed music blog of the year.

MFR - This is a little blog I discovered this year and have been fascinated with since first glance. Coming out of Minneapolis, MFR covers a wide range of music from all different genres and levels of accessibility. There are always tons of MP3's for sampling purposes.

Blog Are For Dogs - This blog is actually quite similar to MFR, and I like it for the same reasons as well as the wordy "incoherent ramblings" and Mondrian-esque banner.

Gorilla Vs. Bear - And of course, what would Sassigrass do with her spare time if it wasn't for Gvs.B?

Favorite Music Videos of 07'

Justice -

Of Montreal - "Heimdalsgate Like A Promethian Curse"

Beirut - "Elephant Gun"

Shugo Tokumaru - "Green Rain"

Mum - "They Made Frogs Smoke Til' They Exploded"

Animal Collective - "Peacebone"

-Mr Thistle & Sassigrass


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