Friday, September 7, 2007

White Denim - Let's Talk About It EP

White Denim
Let's Talk About It EP
(05.2007, Self Released)

GvB won't stop posting about White Denim. I listened to a posted track months ago and began harboring a mild interest. It seems that most Austin folk believe this to be their best local secret. So when I saw that Slowtrian had Let's Talk About It I decided to feed my curiosity. What I found was incessantly more charming and enthralling than I had originally believed was just going to be another collectors item. Let's Talk About It is five noisy layered garage tracks, with endless energy and reckless rhythm and blues. Its loud and rowdy punk infused indie rock, reminiscent of Salt Lake Cities own Vile Blue Shades. It's meant to be played loud so that the heaviness can really take effect. It's a really enjoyable EP with great art. It's only available in a delightful cd/7" combo package.


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