Monday, June 25, 2007

SLC Shows this week!!!

Huge week for live shows in Salt Lake City. There are some definite must-must-must-sees this week. For those of you with low stamina it is going to be hard to pick and choose. I know that I am going to turn into a sleepless zombie by Friday. I mean seriously, three Urban Lounge shows this week! That means three nights not going to sleep until 2AM. I still don't get why they can't get those shows to start earlier. I swear Forest Gospel is the first ones there every time! Get punctual you hipster slackers! Anyway, here is the schedule:

  • Marnie Stern, tonight (6/25) at the Urban Lounge! (Prepare for the most guitar shreddingliest madness you have ever seen. Stern is usual only backed by her Ipod but will be backed by a full band tonight, including Zach Hill from Hella!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yer not likely to see this level of technical skill any time in the near future.)
  • Great Lake Swimmers, Tuesday (6/26) at Kilby Court! (A night of grain silo folk not to be missed with fantastic local openers, Libbie Linton and Paul Jacobsen.)
  • Dan Deacon, Wednesday (6/27) at the Urban Lounge! (A dance fest for all of us who weren't diggin' the drunken brothel of Girl Talk last month. Absurdist, Pitchfork-hailed, Dancey weirdness that is sure to entertain. He will even be sporting a local backing choir for one song! Check a doubter’s testimonial for all you unbelievers.)
  • Shearwater, Thursday (6/28) at Slowtrain for free and then Kilby Court for not-free. (Go to both, I really only hear very good things about these guys and am definitely, at the least, planning on Slowtrain. I mean, you can't go wrong - it’s free!)
  • Melt Banana, Saturday (6/30) at the Urban Lounge! (I don't even know what to say about this show except that Melt Banana are absolutely nuts! Deerhoof via The Locust. You'll probably want to bring a helmet and shoulder pads for this one. Excited!)

-Mr. Thistle

Marnie Stern - Grapefruit

Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat

Shearwater - White Waves

Melt Banana - Cracked Plaster Cast (sample)


Anonymous said...

what about the great lake swimmers?

is Mr. Thistle and Sassy Grass said...

Good Point! That means there is an awesome show almost everyday this week. Go SLC!

Sassy Grass